Professional and Caring Staff

Blue Willows’ managers and care coordinators are Registered Division 1 nurses who are supported by a team of qualified and dedicated staff.
Our staff are on duty 24 hours a day seven days a week and are immediately available at any time of the day or night to assist residents what ever their care needs are.

Residents have their own choice of doctor or Blue Willows can  request  a doctor from Warrandyte Road Medical Clinic situated close by at  44 Warrandyte Road Ringwood Vic 3134 – telephone 9870 9000.  Residents may also use the pharmacy of their choice.
Medications may be administered by the Resident or they may elect to have Blue Willows administer their medications for them.Medication is dispensed via the Webster Pack after being prepared and delivered by our local Pharmacist who is also situated at
44  Warrandyte Road Ringwood Vic 3134  – telphone 9870 7564.
Podiatry is available through our visiting podiatry service, or Residents are free to make their own arrangements.
Our sessional physiotherapist can provide mobility assessments including arranging to hire or buy mobility aids..

Blue Willows’ Care Coordinators establish and document individual resident’s care plans,personal meal preferences and other personal requirements so that each resident’s personal wellbeing and comfort is established and maintained. At Blue Willows we encourage our residents and their families to speak with our care coordinators if there are any additional needs or changes that they may  require.  Blue Willows is well respected within the community for providing a high standard of residential aged care and will ensure this reputation is maintained.

Higher care needs
Should a Resident’s  health and care needs begin to require a higher standard of care Blue Willows’ Div 1 nursing team will discuss the  future care needs with the Resident/Resident’s Carer/family and the Resident’s doctor in a timely manner. In some cases Residents requiring a higher level of care may be able to stay on at Blue Willows providing care needs are met. Should there be a need to transfer to another care service provider who can meet the  increased care needs the transfer will be manage in a timely manner.This would only occur if we are unable to meet the Resident’s ongoing personal care needs and maintain our duty of care.